Vintage Erotica: Burlesque Edition Vol. 2

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Vintage Erotica: Burlesque Edition Vol. 2

Vintage Erotica (Burlesque Edition) Vol. 2 is a fantastic second installment of Triad Productions Vintage Erotica series. Revisit American Erotica Cinema's Age of Innocence... Male fascination with erotica is probably as old as intelligent human life. The invention of cinematography was, of course, a giant stride forward. Before World War II, stag film were already a popular and firmly entrenched underground entertainment genre. This collection contains some of the Stag Film Era's greats: Two Bells for Virginia - The famous Virginia Belle with her amazing 48-24-36 measurements. Virginia Belle's 48 inch bust is amazing. In this clip, she dances to La Traviata. Sandra Storm - Big busted with great rhinestone tassels, Sandra Storm strips to near nudity. Scarlett Knight - Petite brunette with a cute bust. And many more... Bonus: The compilation also includes Perversion for Profit, a 1965 propaganda film financed by Charles Keating and narrated by George Putnam. Taking an anti-pornography stance, the film attempts to link explicit portrayals of human sexuality to the subversion of American civilization, and briefly draws a parallel between pornography and the Communist conspiracy. Perversion for Profit illustrates its claims with still images taken from various soft core pornography magazines of the period.

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